Our services include

Cars Showroom

The selective sense, the professional commitment, and the cumulative experiences have enabled AlMulhim Auto throughout 30years since its establishment as one of the main dealers to the most prominent international cars manufacturing companies, where AlMulhim Auto is considered to be the first comprehensive car center in the kingdom to sell Ford and Lincoln Cars, and to provide maintenance services for their products, in addition to be one of the main dealers now to Hyundai, Nissan, Kia, Chevrolet, GMC, Isuzu, Geely and Changan. Car selling section includes three departments:

Maintenance & Service Centers

The 30 years’ experience had an effect in the preparation methodology of the working staff in AlMulhim Auto, which in a larger context contains a comprehensive vision and takes into consideration achieving perfect quality standards as well as guaranteeing the competence of maintenance work and every service in a way that reflects on the satisfaction of the clients on the provided work from the company, to secure its continual excellence. AlMulhim Auto works day and night constantly to follow the modern practices in cars maintenance at the international level, and to train its staff according to it so the provided services to clients meet their expectations, joining between the high quality and the reasonable economical price.

Spare Parts Outlets

The long experience that began from 1987 has guaranteed design and operate spare parts centers in AlMulhim Auto with supreme care as one of the main dealers of Lincoln and Ford Motorcraft genuine spare parts, as well as Hyundai, Nissan, and GM parts (AC Delco) in the Eastern Region and Riyadh. These outlets are concerned about providing genuine spare parts and accessories to clients, and handing over insurances to them so they can replace or have a refund in case the parts have any dysfunction, as well as providing authorized and recommended oils by international automobile manufacturers. The spare parts outlets of AlMulhim Auto follow the latest necessary technologies which provide the sufficient supplies to clients’ orders, and it guarantees storing them in a safe way, as well as the availability of express delivery of spare parts to constant clients and companies. All that within the frame of company’s policy which seeks to develop the details of its services constantly. In the recent years, branches of spare parts outlets of AlMulhim Auto have expanded, as well as the list of provided products, in response to increasing needs of the respected clients, and to guarantee the speedy delivery of getting what they want as soon as possible in the highest quality available.